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WH (HEER) Radio Transmitter Head Phone Nicely Waffen Amt Marked - Mint Condition

In IMO mint condition this WH (HEER) Radio Transmitter Headphone. The headphone is clearly Waffen Amt marked and in very nice condition. The plug and transmitter are in excellent condition. Cannot be upgraded.

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U.S. Officers Woolen Shirt Badged 11TH Airborne With Oval - Near Mint Condition

An IMO near mint U.S. woolen shirt. The shirt is badged with a 11TH Airborne Division Flash And oval. There appear no size markings or labels present on the shirt. There is a remain of a size label, yet this ha been cut out. A very nice shirt that can be upgraded,

Code: 53077Price: 125.00 EUR

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U.S. Officers Woolen Shirt Badged 10TH Armoured Division With Label - Mint Condition

A very nice U.S. woolen shirt. The shirt is originally badged to a Technical Sergeant of the 10TH Armoured Division. The shirt is fitted with a size label and sized 15 3/4 and a clear Quartermaster label. The shirt is dated 1943. A very nice and IMO mint condition U.S. Woolen Shirt.

Code: 53076Price: 110.00 EUR

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Rare British (Airborne) Glider Towing Rope Arnhem Battle Relic - Nice Used Condition

Picked up on one of the Landing Zones in the vinicity of Arnhem and kept in a private collection for many years. We have obtained this British Airborne Glider Towing Rope. The rope is executed in a hemp like material is complete with a telephone cable running to the center of the rope in order for the Glider Pilot to communicate with the towing aircraft. The rope measures roughly 18 meters. These ropes would have been used to attach the Gliders to their towing aircraf. Upon decent these ropes would be disconnected and litter the landingzones. Often picked up by civilians after the war that gave different use to the ropes. The rope is in nice used conditon.

Code: 53075Price: 300.00 EUR

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Rare British Airborne Water Bucket -Nice-Used Condition

Extremely rare and in nice used condition this British Airborne Water Bucket. The bucket is makers marked on the bottom of the bucket . The bag is complete with Original lid and carrying sling. A very rare British Airborne item that cannot be upgraded. As described in IMO nice used condition.

Code: 53070Price: 170.00 EUR

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British Standard Infantry Gas Mask & Carrier 1942 - Mint Condition

A standard British infantry gasmask dated 1942 along with its original filter. Gasmask and filter are in fair condition some minor traces of rust. The gasmask comes in its original carrier case clearly dated 1942. Cannot be upgraded!

Code: 53069Price: 85.00 EUR

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WH Kriegsfahne i.e. Battle Flag Large Size - Near Mint Condition

This is a very nice and IMO near mint example of a WH Kriegsfahne i.e. Battle Flag.
The flag has some minor staines but no damages, even the Original loop is still present. The flag is in overall excellent condition. The flag measures approxmately 186CM x 117CM.

Code: 53068Price: 495.00 EUR

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Rare Early (British Airborne) Sten Gun Magazine Bandoleer So-Called Pattern A - Mint Condition

This is a very rare and highly sought after piece of British Airborne Equipment. This early Sten Gun Magazine Bandoleer is executed in the distinct British Webbing material, yet slightly thinner then the regular webbing equipment.
This model was the so-called only.A pattern These type of bandoleers would never been dated or marked. The bandoleers that were issued to British Airborne Forces are know to have been used during for example the Bruneval Raid (Northern France in 1942.
The bandoleer is IMO in mint condition with all Original and full working press studs and no apparent damages. A truly nice piece of Early British Airborne Equipment that cannot be upgraded!

Code: 53067Price: 1400.00 EUR

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U.S. Medical Set Complete With Suspenders And Straps - Near Mint Condition

This is a truly nice and increasingly hard to find U.S. Medic Set. The set is IMO overall best to be described as near mint condition. The set compromises a webbing suspender (i.e. yoke) . Two nice used cantle ring straps to connect the medic bags across the waist. Two OD shade pouches worn with the suspenders and filled with various medical supplies such as bandages, safety pins, scissors etc. Two litter straps that could be used to support the weight of a litter or to carry a medical pouch. A truly nice and very complete set hard to be upgraded!

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U.S. M1923 Garand M1 Cartridge Belt 1943 - Mint Conditon

This is a very nice and IMO mint example of an U.S, M1923 M1 Garand Cartridge Belt. The belt is clearly 1943 dated and appears to be in unissued condition. The metal of the press studs have some minor scratchings withholding the belt from being stone mint. Very hard to be upgraded!

Code: 53065Price: 175.00 EUR

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