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British Airborne Set Of Printed Pegasus And Paratrooper Wing - Uniform Removed

A very nice uniform removed set of early Pegasus insignia. The set compromises a printed pair.
The paratrooper qualification wing is in equal nice and uniform removed condition. Rare to find a such a nice and matching set. Removed from the same uniform.

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British Airborne Glider Pilot Wing - Uniform Removed Condition

With a great patina this uniform removed British Airborne Glider Pilot Wing.

Code: 54021Price: 200.00 EUR

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Original Hoffman German Press Photo Of Herman Goring And General Ludendorff

A very nice and Original Hoffman Press photo from 1923. Depicting Herman Goring next to General Ludendorff (WW1 General/Battle of Liege).

Code: 54025Price: 50.00 EUR

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British Airborne/Commando String Vest - Nice Used Condition

In nice used condition this British Airborne/Commando Stringvest. This was standard issue as cold weather underwear for Paratroopers, to help keep them insulated. The Original label is still present yet washed out.

Code: 54026Price: 75.00 EUR

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British Single Staff Sergeant Stripes And Crown - Uniform Removed

A very nice single Staff Sergeant Stripes And Crown, uniform removed. Would be nice to fit on a Denison Smock.

Code: 54023Price: 35.00 EUR

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British Lance Corporal Stripes - Uniform Removed Condition

A nice matching and uniform removed pair of British Lance Corporal Stripes.

Code: 54022Price: 25.00 EUR

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British Welfare Biscuit Tin 1944 - Nice Condition

A 1944 dated tin for Welfare Biscuits. Issued to British troops as ration. The tin compromises a low and square variation to the standard tins of Welfare Biscuits. The lid of the tin is displaced.

Code: 54024Price: 50.00 EUR

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British Airborne Denison Smock Named R.M. Harkness 1942 - Nice Used Condition

A very attractive British Airborne Denison Smock. Executed in very deep and clear camoflage. This compromises the so-called 1st Pattern fitted with wool handcuffs. And painted press studs.
The Smock is nice used, yet not used excessive. The label is clear and visible. Measuring a size 7 and 1942. The Smock is marked with army number and named R.M. Harkness adding a great sense of history to this Denison Smock.
Furthermore the tail is still in place and the zip is in full working order.

Code: 54018Price: 2400.00 EUR

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U.S. Mountain Troops Reversible Parka 1942 - Nice Used Condition

This is a fantastic and nice used example of an U.S. Mountain Troops Reversible Parka. Executed in two ply water resistant poplin. This parka compromises the first pattern which was not fitted with a fur hat, supposed to the 2nd pattern. The parka is fitted with clear label, measuring a size small and dated 1942. These parkas would also have been issued to the 1st U.S. Special Forces during the Italian Campaign in 1943.
Cannot be upgraded.

Code: 54015Price: 195.00 EUR

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