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Canadian Battle Dress Trousers Sep 1942 Dated Size 16- Unissued Condition i.e. Mint

An unissued and IMO Mint pair of Canadian Battle Dress Trousers. The trousers are clearly dated 1942 and marked with the Canadian Broad Arrow in the interior of the trousers . Furthermore the trousers are size 16 and clearly makers marked. Tip Top Tailors Limited A very nice pair of trousers hard to upgraded.

Size 16

Code: 54119Price: 200.00 EUR

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British Airborne MK3 Paratrooper Helmet 1944 Dated - Nice Used Condition

This is a very attractive British Airborne MK3 Paratrooper Helmet. The helmet is fitted with Original camoflaged helmet netting and Original webbing chinstraps.
The helmet liner is in equal nice used condition to the helmet shell. And is clearly makers marked BMB, 1944 dated probably sized 7 3/4. or 71/8 (measured from a another helmet)
The helmet has been repainted and well used
A truly nice and full Original British Airborne Paratrooper Helmet. for a justified price

Code: 54116Price: 550.00 EUR

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British Folding Saw In Leather Carrying Case - Mint Condition
An IMO in mint condition a example British Folding Saw In Leather Carrying Case. The saw comes with two Original wooden hand grips,file and filetool that fit in the sides of the leather carrying case.

Code: 54120Price:

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British 1937 Pattern Webbing Binocular Case 1942 And 1943 Dated Binoculars - Nice Used Condition
This is very pair of British Binoculars makers and 1943 dated and Binocular Case.1942 dated. The case as well as the binoculars are clearly makers Taylor-Hobson marked, and marked with the Broad Arrow. The binoculars are also fitted with Original carrying strap.

Code: 54122Price:

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British Sten Gun Magazine Speed Loader Second model - Nice Used Condition
In nice used condition this British Speed Loader for the 9mm Sten Gun. Magazine

Code: 54121Price:

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British Sten Gun Magazine Speed Loader - Nice Used Condition
In nice used condition this British Speed Loader for the Sten Gun.

Code: 54117Price: 35.00 EUR

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British Airborne Medical Folding Stretcher - Nice Used Condition

A very nice yet used example of a folding stretcher intended to carry wounded personnel. The stretcher is in nice used condition yet complete and the canvas is in good condition. The stretcher is marked HQ Company. These type of stretchers would have been issued and favoured by Airborne Troops.

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British Airborne Denison Smock CWS LTD 1943 Sized 7 - Mint
This is a very nice in mint condition British Airborne Denison Smock. The smock compromises a First Model with wool hand cuffs. The Smock has been period fitted with a long zip and is fitted with the so-called Newey Press Studs. The clear and crisp label is still present measuring a size 7, makers mark CWS LTD and 1June 1943 dated . A very nice Smock with great camoflage pattern. and still with the flap present
size7, 1943

Code: 54112Price: 1275.00 EUR

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British (Airborne) MK5 Sten Gun 1944 Dated - Nice Used & Repainted Condition

A very nice and complete British MK5 Sten Gun. This sten gun is often refered to as Airborne or Para Stengun. And is complete with wooden handgrip and bud. The Sten Gun is clearly 1944 dated as well as marked with the letter V which inidcates it was produced prior to november 1944 after which the MK5 was marked differently. This Sten Gun comes with Original carrying sling, bayonet and webbing bayonet frog. As described the gun has been repainted, yet retains a great patina. This Sten Gun has been deactivated according to the EU Deko Specs. Please note that EU Deko weapons are free to own by every person of the age of 18 years or older inside the European Union.

Code: 54110Price: 995.00 EUR

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WH (HEER) K98 Ammo Pouches - Nice Used Set

Executed in black pebled leather this IMO nice used set of WH (HEER) K98 Ammo Pouches. The pouches compromise a non matching maker/RBN set, yet retain a nice patina. One of the pouches is clearly marked with a RBN number. Whereas the other pouch appears makers makerd yet very hard to read. A good looking pair of K98 pouches though!

Code: 54109Price: 120.00 EUR

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