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We are proud to announce that we have assisted Daniel and Oliver in the completion of this book. And that many previous unknown or privately held British Airborne Helmets are now featured in this work including items from our private collection.

Now available: Military Mode's eighth title has just gone to press. Their largest work to date consisting of 260 pages of high resolution photography and detailed text. Often highly rare items have been profusely photographed in the highest resolution bringing to life the rich and exciting subject of the British Airborne soldiers head wear. Logically starting with the maroon beret but also covering steel helmets and their modern day equivalents, training helmets, glider helmets, combat caps, slouch and boonie type hats, arctic and tropical head wear. Many items that have previously been unpublished and many with provenance that have been preserved in various museum inventories, as well as many other items from some of the most advanced collections.

Code: 53512Price: 45.00 EUR

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Detailed And Unique Book About British Airborne Denison Smocks -

This is a very detailed book about British Airborne Denison Smocks. The book handles about the history of the denison smock to present day use. Richly illustrated and featuring many denision smocks with a story to tell. Not be missed by any British Airborne Collector.

Code: 53511Price: 45.00 EUR

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Orange is the Collar of the Day And D-Day Minus 17 September
Orange is the Color of the Day And D-Day Minus 17 September

The complete story of the 101st Airborne Division in Holland from Market Garden.

Written by Peter Hendriks and Michel de Trez and published by the D-Day Paratroopers Historical Centre.

Part 1:
Deel 1:
D-Day Minus 17 September 1944 describes the preparations and en and crossing to Holland on 17 september 1944. The history is richely illustrated with many pictures and documents most of them never published before (207 paginas) Pice €49,00.

Part 2:
Orange is the colour of the day describes the drop and landingszones and fighting of the 501st PIR, 502nd PIR en 506th PIR of the 101ste Airborne Divisie in and around Son, Eindhoven, Best, Sint Oedenrode, Eerde, SChijndel, Veghel, Udenand the Betuwe (the Island). The book consists off 560 pages and is equally rich illustrated with previously unknown photo material.

Part one and two both contain over 1200 pictures and documents most of the never published before. As we are used to in the books of Michel de Trez the historical pictures and text are added with pictures of uniforms, helmets and equipment often used during the operation in the Netherlands. price € 79.50

Price: 124.00 EUR

Code: 53510Price: 124.00 EUR

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New Release! BURNING BRIDGES 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden By Michel De Trez And Peter Hendrikx

New Release and long awaited! This is yet another magnificant work from Michel De Trez And Peter Hendrikx.
Burning Bridges and Bridges Are Ours compromise a pictorial historyof the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden and its aftermath.
“Burning Bridges” (volume 1) and “Bridges Are Ours” (volume 2) are the work of 35 years of airborne history research and contains 976 pages and over 1,600 photographs, most of which have never been published before. All photos are identified either by date, location, name of individual soldiers, equipment, or historical context.

Burning Bridges” begins with the introduction, where the decision-making process that led to Operation Market Garden is explained in great detail. The subsequent chapters discuss the preparations in the marshalling areas in England, the activities of the Pathfinders, and the boarding of the aircraft by all paratroop regiments and battalions. The glider lifts are also well covered by many newly discovered photographs.

“Bridges are Ours” begins with the fight for the Nijmegen bridges. Roughly, five different attacks took place and each is dealt with in great detail. The main attacks on September 19 and 20, when the 2nd Battalion of the 505th Regiment, supported by British tanks, attacked both the railway and the road bridges from the south are discussed in detail. When the German defenders would not budge, the 504th Regiment was ordered to cross the Waal River in small boats, an action called by many one of the most heroic actions of WW2.

Both books are available at a special set price. The books are listed seperate for individual sale. And compromises a Hardback – 976 pages – 1,600+ photos – 2 volumes
English version

Code: 53509Price: 150.00 EUR

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Rare British/American Airborne Gas Detection Brassard 1942 - Unissued Condition

This is a very rare example of a British Made Gas Detection Brassard.
These brassards were issued for the Normandy invasion to both Britsh and American forces and meant to detect the presence of poison gas (such as mustard gas), which the Allies were afraid Hitler might employ as a desperate measure. These paper armbands were impregnated with the same vesticant detector paint which was also painted on vehicles and helmets. On contact with poison gas, the paper would turn pink or red.
This particular brassard is in unissued condition and clearly makred 11-1942. The brassard is in excellent condition with best be described as mint condition!

Code: 53505Price: 210.00 EUR

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WH (HEER) Entrenching Tool & Carrying Case (Schanzzeug) - Nice Used Condition

A (WH) HEER entrenching tool and black leather carrying case, also called Schanzzeug. The blade of the tool is in slight used condition and lacks a makers mark or date. The leather crrying case in very nice condition with original leather straps although equally lacks any markings (not uncommon). Together tool and case are in very nice and fair condition.

Code: 53506Price: 350.00 EUR

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WH (HEER) M34 EM/NCO Overseas Cap i.e. Feldmutze M34 - Combat Used

his WH (HEER) M34 EM/NCO Overseas Cap i.e. Feldmutze M34. The cap is a textbook example of a combat used side cap and IMO in nice used condition. The cap has Obvious traces of years of storage. In clear nice used condition and priced accordingly.

Code: 53501Price: 250.00 EUR

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Rare U.S. Airborne (2ND Pattern) Leather Parachutist Gloves - Unissued Condition

This is a truly rare example of a IMO unissued i.e. stone mint pair of U.S. Airborne Paratrooper Gloves. These gloves compromise the 2nd pattern i.e. without pulling straps. As would have been used by the 101ST and 82ND Airborne during D-Day and Operation Market Garden in 1944.
Both gloves are fully matching. Both gloves are clearly sized M and are both makers marked as well as marked with a Quartermaster Number. The quartermaster number relates to a production run of april 1944. Both gloves are still fitted together with period i.e. factory thread and have been a pair ever since production.
An unique oppurtunity to obtain such mint and fully matching U.S. Airborne Paratrooper Gloves.

Code: 53502Price: 495.00 EUR

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British Black Leather Ammo Boots 1941 - Nice Used Condition

Truly nice pair of IMO nice used British Black Leather Ammo Boots. The boots are clearly makers marked, 1941 dated and compromise a size 8. The boots are inb outstanding condition yet have their heels replaced as can be seen on the pictures.

Code: 53503Price: 225.00 EUR

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U.S. Officers Garisson Cap - Nice Used Condition

This is an IMO nice used example of an U.S. Officers Garisson Cap executed with black and yellow piping.

Code: 53507Price:

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