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A nice plastic i.e bakelite British Army Air Corps cap badge
This is a good example of a plastic i.e bakelite Army Air Corps badge mainly worn by members of the Glider Pilot Regiment. The AAC badge was also worn by the early members of the Parachute Regiment in North Africa. This one is in a perfect condition and has two brass coloured lugs to the back and is made by the well known Walsall based maker of A. Stanley&Sons.

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Extremely Rare British Airborne Training Poster - November 1944 Dated

This an extremely rare British Airborne Training Poster.
"Just Dont Sit There Jump To It" . Parachute Training after landing, featuring cartoon design of a German soldier just about to bayonet the Paratrooper sit on the floor with 4 images of showing how to land and then move.
Restricted (For Official Use Only) , the poster is november 1944 dated and prepared by the ministry of Aircraft Production for Promulgation by the Air Ministry and printed by the stationery office by Flemings Leicester 39x27 inch. The poster is profesional framed.

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WH (HEER/LW/SS) Tropical Y Straps - Nice Used Condition
A very attractive and increasingly hard to find pair off WH (HEER/LW/SS) Tropical Y Straps i.e. Tropen Kopeltraggestel fur Infantry . The straps are in IMO nice used condition with some clear of trace of wear but no significant damage. The Y Straps are not visible makers marked, The Y straps are named on the back leather pice

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Extremely Rare SOE/Airborne Homing Pigeon Message Tube - Unissued Condition

This is a kind of item we have not yet come across before. This carboard box was intended to hold messages that would have been send back behind enemy lines by homing pigeons.
These homing pigeons would have been dropped with SOE and Airborne troops. The tube could be attached to the leg of the pigeon. The tube is in unissued condition.

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British And German War Time Maps Battle Of Arnhem - Museum Copies

A pair of unique reprints of the Original Army Service Maps of the Arnhem Area. The maps compromise high quality reprints form museum archives.
The set compromises a full color reprint of the Army Service Map U.S. Army 1944, part of NW Arnhem and Ginkel Heath (59x42CM) as issued by the British 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem in September 1944.
The other map compromises a full color reprint of Sonderausgabe Nr 3 stand 1940 Arnhem. Measuring 40x52CM.

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British (Airborne) Paratrooper Life Vest 1944 Dated - Unissued With Original Box Spare Parts And Instruction Manual

This a fantastic unissued and IMO Stone Mint Example of a British Airborne i.e. Paratrooper Life Vest. These vests would have been designed larger then the standard life belts as they would have to fit over an enormous lot of equipment. We have attached a pictured of Paratroopers on their way to Arnhem in September 1944, clearly showing them wearing the life vests.
This particular example compromises an unissued example paperwrapped it in its orginal cardboard box and clearly being 1944 dated and Broad Arrow marked. The vest comes with Original instruction pamflet and automatic release.
A fantastic and increasingly hard to come piece of British Airborne Equipment. Cannot be upgraded!

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British And U.S. Airborne Yellow Recognition Scarf - Mint Condition

In absolute mint i.e. stone mint condition, this increasingly hard to find British Airborne Yellow Recognition Scarf. Executed in fluorescent yellow silk scarf with taped edge and ties. These trapezoid scarfes would have been issued to Airborne troops in order to use as recognition markers.
These trapezoid scarfes would have been typically issued to Both U.S. and American troops partaking in operations such D-Day and the battle of Arnhem.

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Canadian Lee Enfield Sniper Scope Case 1945 Dated - Nice Used Condition

An IMO nice used condition example of a metal case intended to hold the sniper telescope to be fitted on the Lee Enfield No. 4 Rifle. The case is fitted with clear serial number and marked Case STG TEL C No. 8 MK1 COS 906A, being makers marked REL Canada and dated 1945. The interior is complete with the metal mechanisme on which the scope would be attached. A very nice sniper scope case with a great patina finish.

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WH (HEER) K98 Bayonet With Full Matching Numbers Makers Marked Carl Eickhorn - Near Mint Condition

An IMO near mint i.e. refurbished condition this WH (HEER) K98 Bayonet with full matching numbers. Both blade and shield are numbered 1245. The blade is clearly makers marked Carl Eickhorn. On the handle bar the the bayonet is marked with waffen ambt markings.
With bayonet comes a nice used black leather bayonet frog, there appear to be no markings present on the frog. A truly nice and attractive matching numbers bayonet and frog that would be hard to upgrade.

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British Webley & Scott No.4 Mk.1 Flare Pistol As Used In Gliders - Nice Used Condition

A very nice and with great patina this ritish Webley & Scott No.4 Mk.1 Flare Pistol. The pistol is marked with the Broad Arrow and serial number 31852. Furthermore the pistol is marked No.4 MK1. A very nice and attractive yet used flare pistol. These type of Flare Pistols would have been standard equipment in Gliders which were infamously used in operations such as the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

Please note:
These flare pistols are permit holder free within Europe and to be sold to adults only.

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