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Fantastic U.S. 82ND Airborne Grouping M42 Jacket Class A Jacket And Various Documents - Nice Used Condition

This is a stunning lot of uniforms and documents with provenance to James L. Stamper ( 82ND Airborne). James Stamper made entered the Army in 1941 and was made Corporal in 1942. He entered the paratroopers at Fort Benning in february 1943 were the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment was stationed. In december 1943 the 507th was attached to the 82nd Airborne Division and moved to the U.K. in preparation of the Allied Invasion of Europe. Stamper returned to the U.S.A. in may 1944 after action in Casablanca (North Africa) and Gela in Sicily were he had his first combat jump.
This grouping consists of a nice used example of a M42 jump jacket and trousers marked with laundry numbers and still fitted with Original and fully matching waist belt. Both jacket is trousers are in nice yet used condition with a minor stain on the arm. There is no size in the trousers but meassures approx 30-32 waist. In addition there is a Class A jacket badged with Parachute Qualification Wing fitted on an Airborne Command oval and shoulder patch for troops under supervised training of the Airborne Command 507th Regiment and staff sergeant stripes.
With the documents is a scrap book with minor tekst other then the action described above, a bible which is named to Cpl. Stamper, civil wallet executed in typical North African goats letter (and often encountered with veteran bring backs who served in North Africa) with pictures and invasion money, telegram and a written letter to his parents. There is also an orignal 82nd Airborne formation patch with this grouping. Interesting enough there is also programme of a Regimental Christmas d.d. 25 december 1944. In this programme Stamper had been promoted to Staff Sergeant and was a member of the Cadre of Company M, 2nd Parachute Training Regiment. Suggesting he made further career in the army after returning to the U.S.A.
Next to the documents is a Original set of dog tags, used condition and unbadged garisson cap as well as a boxed Purple Hart medal.
This is a truly nice set of U.S. 82nd Airborne history.

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British Airborne MK1 Paratrooper Helmet BMB 1942 With Helmet Net - Nice Used Condition

A truly nice example of the iconic British Airborne Helmet. This particular model compromises a MK1 model fitted with fibre rim and leather chinstraps. The helmet has been overpainted after it had been stripped and has been executed very well with a truly nice patina on this helmet. The helmet liner bears various names most likely been reissued. The liber is in clear used condition, clearly makers marked BMB , dated 1942 and sized 7. Interesting on this helmet is the leather chinstrap. Compromising two different chinstrap models one fitted with riffets and the other being stitched. Although not widely known this was a practice done during the war. One off our Battle of Arnhem Medic helmets in our private collection we have encountered the same. This helmet can be found as reference in the British Airborne Helmet Book Daniel Fisher and Oliver Lock. We have also encountered this practice on various dug up helmets we have seen in the past. The helmet is fitted with Original helmet net and camoflage. A truly nice MK1 Airborne Helmet that can be upgraded.

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British 1937 Pattern Battle Dress Trouser 1943 - Near Mint Condition

A great example of a British 1937 Pattern pair of Battle Dress trousers. IMO best described as near mint condition, immaculate yet a minor moth hole in the crotch.
The trousers are fitted with Original copper buttons and nicely War Department marked in the liner of the trousers. The liner is marked N which indicates 1943 as the year off issue.

engelse broek gebruikt N1943

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British Early BEF Officers Haversack 1941 - Stone Mint Condition

In stone mint condition this Early British so-called BEF (british expeditionary force) officers Haversack and carrying sling. Executed in webbing and clearly 1941 dated as well as makers marked. Cannot be upgraded.

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Infanterie Sturmabzeichen i.e. infantry assault badge - Nice Used Condition
This is a truly very nice - and actually very detailed! - example of an: 'Infanterie Sturmabzeichen. being an unmarked example that is executed in greyish-bronze coloured and/or zinc-based metal (ie. 'Feinzink'), in overall nice albeit used and/or worn condition.

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British Dispatch Riders i.e. Motorcyclist Helmet Sized 7 - Mint Condition
In mint condition this British Dispatch Riders i.e. Motorcyclist Helmet. The helmet is clearly makers marked BMB and 1942 dated. The size of the helmet compromises a size 7. Cannot be upgraded!

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WH (HEER) Tornister Empfänger 1942 Serial Number 297427 - Mint Condition

In IMO mint condition this Tornister Empfänger or so-called Torn Eb.1942 Serial Number 297427.
The radio is in truly fantastic condition on both interior and exterior. All dials and meters appear in excellent condition. Altogether the radio retains a fantastic patina! The radio is fitted with a tan colored front cover, compromising an outstanding reproduction example.Furthermore the radio bears its Original paint and is fitted with Original serial number,. A truly nice radio that would be hard to upgrade.

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British (Airborne) Field Dental Outfit Panniers One And Two - Nice Used Condition

In overall nice used condition this set of British (Airborne) Field Dental Outfit Panniers. The panniers compromise Field Dental Pannier One and Two. These panniers would have been issued by medical units in order to set up Field Hospitals and allow medical attention in the field.
The pannier are both in good condition and the lids and locks in working order. One of the panniers have been refreshed to enhance its appearance. The other one is untouched and uncleaned. One of the panniers is 1943 dated in the interior of the lid as well as makers marked and Broad Arrow marked. It is not uncommon to find unmarked examples.
A truly nice pair that we hardly come across as a set. As described in IMO nice used condition.

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U.S. Thompson Sub Machine Gun With Five 20 Round Magazine and orginal poutch
A very attractive example of an U.S. Thompson Sub Machine Gun. The .45 Call Sub Machine Gun is deactivated according to latest EU Deko specifications. The Thompson Sub Machine Gun was favoured by U.S. Airborne Troops. This particular gun was manufactured by the Auto Ordonace Cooperation; Bridgeport Connecticut USA.
This Thompson is sold with five 20 round magazine.and orginal magazine poutch

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British 1940 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse Size 6 & 1945 Dated - Nice Used Condition

In IMO nice used condition this example of a British 1940 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse. The blouse is fitted with a clear and crisp label, measuring a size 6 and 1945 dated (21-2-1945). The jacket was manufactured by Black & Co. Ltd Glasgow. The blouse is War Department marked with the letter Z indicating 1945 as the year of issue. A neat battle dress jacket that would be hard to upgrade.

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