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Extremely Rare British Airborne Type F Square Dropping Container Arnhem Battle Field Relic - Restored Condition

This is a truly unique opportunity to own a real piece of history. This British Airborne Type F Dropping Container was recently recovered from a local Oosterbeek house clearance. The container had been laying in a garden on its back for over 10 years and had for that reason Obvious decay. The container has very profesionaly been restored and repainted is now excellent condition. On the side of the container there is some clear scrapnell damage of a bullet that hit the top end of the container, and came out from the rear.
This particular type of container compromises a squaere example typically used to drop radio equipment. These type of containers would have been used in various theatre of operations throughout Europe were Airborne troops were deployed.

Please contact us for a shippping quote as this is a very heavy and bulky item.

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U.S. 82ND Airborne Badged i.e. Normandy Gliderborne M41 Field Jacket Fitted With Gas Armband - Nice Used Condition

This is very attractive U.S. U.S. 82ND Airborne Badged M41 Field Jacket. Original badged to a 5th Grade Technician.
The M41 field jacket would have been issued to Gliderborne Airborne troops partaking in operations such D- Day in June 1944. The gliderborne troops attached to the 82nd Airborne Division took part on operation Detroit and landed their gliders near Sainte-Mère-Église.
The M41 jacket has great patina due to its wear and is fitted with Original label, dated 1942 and sized 38R. Furthermore all buttons seem in place and the zip is in full working order. The jacket is fitted with Original paper gas detection armband as usual for combat.

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U.S. Upper Reverse Service Shoes i.e. Rough Out Boots 1944 - Nice Used Condition

In nice yet clear used condition are these U.S. Upper Reverse Service Shoes i.e. Rough Out Boots. This boot introduced in June 1943. The boots are marked 1944 date and contract number, and are marked Boston Depot. The Boston QM Depot was tasked with the development of all Army Footwear.
The boots compromises a size 8E, fitted with original laces, and although the boots are clearly used the Original soles are in excellent condition and so is the quality of the leather.

Code: 53871Price: 500.00 EUR

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U.S. M1 Helmet With Fibre i.e. Hawley Liner Normandy found - Nice Used Condition

This is a very nice and attractive U.S. M1 Helmet fitted with an early Fibre or so-called Hawley liner. This helmet was purchased from a long time collector and was originally found in Normandy back in the 80s. The liner is nice yet clear used condition as can be seen from the pictures. The liner is fitted with the so-called Rayon Suspension and is sized 6 3/8. The helmet shell compromises a front seam and fixed bale example and is fitted with Original chinstraps.

Code: 53868Price: 950.00 EUR

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British Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) Side Cap - Nice Used Condition

A nice used example of a British Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) side cap. The cap is named "Kinghorn" and is fitted with kings crown badges.

Code: 53869Price: 95.00 EUR

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British Airborne BSA Folding Bicycle Brakes - Nice Used Condition

Often being displaced on British Airborne BSA Folding Bicycles found these days. This pair (front and rear) brakes for the British Airborne BSA Folding Bicycle.
The brakes are IMO best described as nice used condition, bearing Original paint and still in operational condition and could be fitted on a bicycle for use.

Code: 53867Price: 350.00 EUR

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U.S. Airborne (Paratrooper) Jump Jacket Badged To A 101ST Airborne Technical Sergeant - Nice Used Condition

This is a very nice yet clearly used U.S. M42 Airborne (Paratrooper) Jump Jacket. The jacket is Original badged to a technical sergeant of the 101st Airborne Division i.e. the Screaming Eagles. The 101st Airborne saw action in some of the most infamous operations such as D-Day and Market Garden both in 1944.
The jacket is as described in clear used condition, with clear trace of wear but no obvious damages and complete with Original belt, often displaced. The jacket has some clear staines yet most large staining is on the back of the jacket.
Furthermore the jacket is marked a laundry number, and a full working zip. Due to its wear the jacket has a great patina yet is priced accordingly to its condition.

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British MK1 Infantry Helmet or so-called

This is a great looking British MK1 Infantry Helmet or so-called "Tommy Helmet". IMO best to be described as near mint or if worn very minimally. The helmet bears Original paint giving the helmet a great patine. The shell of the helmet is clearly 1942 dated and makers marked. The helmet is comes with Original liner that is not fitted,(broken Rivets) and Original chinstrap.

Code: 53865Price: 75.00 EUR

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Wehrmacht Field Stove (Petroleumkocher) - Nice Used Condition

Untouched and in nice used condition this Wehrmacht Field Stove i.e. Petroleumkocher. One of the standard vehicle heater models used by the German Army, it was placed under the engine of vehicles to keep the oil liquid in extremely cold situations, mainly on the Eastern Front. These stoves were also used during the winter in bunkers, trenches and other shelters as a heat source or used as a mini cooker to heat up a meal. This particular stove is 1942 dated.

Code: 53864Price: 95.00 EUR

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U.S. Airborne M1-C Paratrooper Helmet Westinghouse Liner - Nice Used Condition

This is an iconic M1-C Paratrooper Helmet. This particular helmet is IMO best to be described as nice used condition and is fitted with Original helmet netting.
The M1-C Helmet was introduced mid-late war ts most visible differences from the standard infantry M1 helmet was the liner. The liner of the M1C, like most paratrooper liners, had a set of "A yokes" or straps fixed to the side of the liner to enable the use of a four-point chinstrap with wartime yellow canvas chin strap and cup.
The helmet and the liner are in equal nice used condition with clear trace of wear giving the helmet a great patina. The helmet shell compromises a front seam and swiffle bale example. The liner appears to be makers marked Westinghouse as all M1-C Paratrooper helmers are.
Nice detail is that both helmet shell and liner are marked with rank stripes, indicating that this helmet and liner have been together since the war. A very nice and full Original U.S. Airborne Paratrooper Helmet.

Code: 53863Price: 1975.00 EUR

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